Creative mentorship


For more than 20 years I have been creating jewellery in the retail business and for private customers. Today I am based in an atelier that has become my playground for not only creating jewellery but also other arts as sculptures, fresco paintings and canvas paintings. I also consult in bringing a creative touch to a work space or in private.

Being in the creative business for so many years has given me the whole palette of experiences with both ups and downs. Being creative is often related to being a sensitive being and that can have it's challenges when your creativity has become your business as well. Without my spiritual guidance and business coaches through the years I would definitely not have evolved to where I am today. It has been my go to place every time I have been challenged and it has been such a wonderful support in my journey.

 With the support I have received I have created and adapted my own toolbox of methods to help get out of stagnation or finding the courage to pursue new projects. This can be intimidating because of the limiting beliefs that can often stop us. The key to my growth has always been to get into the core of my creative DNA, my authentic expression and then trusting that it can only lead me the right way. I truly believe that when we are totally authentic in our expression then our path will unfold and help and synchronicities will appear in our journey. It is here our true purpose is hidden for us to bring to this beautiful earth and also where the success and joy lies.


I can help you if:


You need help to pin point your creative DNA.

What is the unique you? What are you here to express creatively that will bring good into the world?


You are in a start up

-and need support in focusing on your highest potential. Weeding out the unnecessary and getting in to the core of your important essence. Support in finding the courage to express the true authentic you through your work.


You are a company owner

-where you wish to give the employees in the creative department an inspirational boost and the company DNA needs to get balanced with it's creative expression.


You have stagnated or off tracked in your creative expression

- and you need support in getting back on track for opening new doors.




Free phone introduction to see if we are a match! Please text me to schedule a talk.

+45 22996440


Single session 90 minutes kr 1.900,-


Module of 3 sessions kr. 5.000,-

We can meet in my atelier, your space or via zoom and skype.