Wendes Frescos
Here you will find Charlotte´s modern interpretation of frescoes. Frescoes are created with an ancient technice where painting is done rapidly in watercolor on plaster where the color absorbes and is fixated when it dries. They are often seen in holy places on ceilings or walls with a lot of story telling incorperated.
Price kr.4.750/€640 tax incl. per square meter. Minimum of 2 square meters.
Chestnut Fresco
This is the most recent ceiling fresco that was created in a private home situated in the hearts of Copenhagen in a beautiful villa. The surroundings of chestnut trees was brought inside and the owners also wished to honor the history of the area in nature and wildlife. In their town garden they often hear a woodpecker that has made a home in a tree. To bring the present of their habitat it became a part of the fresco.
Tea Plantage
Atelier hallway fresco 
Ceiling frescoes in a dental clinic that brings ease for the clients while being treated.
Atelier fresco
Private fresco
Atelier fresco in the making